Selling Your Vintage - FAQs

So, you've got some super rad items that you'd like to get rid of - great!  We'll be more than happy to take them off of your hands.  Just a few notes before you head on over to our seller's form.


+ What types of items do you buy?
We buy men's and women's clothes from the 40s to early 80s. Mostly casual clothing that could easily be mixed into people's wardrobes today. We typically look for sizes xs to large. We're especially interested in t-shirts and denim from all eras, leather boots and purses, leather and suede jackets, dresses and skirts, embroidered or chainstiched items, interesting belt buckles and jewelry and almost anything western. Rare and unique items to the front of the line!
+ What price should I expect for my item?
Depending on the amount of restoration nessesary, we are willing to pay about 50% - 70% of what we can sell the item for. In other words, if your item is in good condition we would sell it for $100 and pay you $50 - $70 for it. Please be mindful, just because you saw something listed on Ebay for $1000, that doesn't mean that is what it's worth.
+ Wait, why would I sell to you when I could just list on Ebay, Etsy, etc.??
We've spent years figuring out how to market and list our items in a way that makes money on these platforms. That includes investing time and money into the technology and research it takes to be successful (mostly). Basically, it's not easy to make money quickly, but selling to us might be.
+ What information should I include?
Anything you think is important! Size, story, flaws, and smells.
+ What if I don't live in the same tiny mountain town that you do, can I ship my item to you?
Certainly! Just include a note that indicates you would like to do so in the form.
+ My item isn't in very good condition, does that matter?
Depending on what you have that might not matter! Cool graphic t-shirts with holes are usually ok! Denim with stains and rips are still wearable and cool. We're also capable of quite a few repairs depending on the severity of damage.
+ Do I have to send you pictures?
Yes please! We need to see the items before making any decisions, to assess damage and to verify that the items are genuine. We don't need professional shots, but cell phone camera pics in daylight are best. Please try to include a full shot of the whole item, a few close ups of major damage and the item tag if there is one.